Digi Services

I have been working as a Digi for several years on both stills & motion shoots.

 I now offer a range of packages for Digi services which include equipment for both studio & location shoots.

Clients include:

Jez Smith, Johnny Tsiavis, Milos Mlynarik, Janyon Boshoff, Steve Baccon & more

Software I use:

CaptureOne, CCC, Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, Davinic Resolve, Davinci Resolve Fusion, ShotputPro, Hedge.

Software I am currently learning:

Scratch Assimilate, Silverstack, LiveGrade, QTake, Blender, Cinema4D,

experienced with Hypervisors, VPN, private Wifi networks, Bonded cellular modems, NAS, RAID

Basic knowledge of Unix Bash, Python & AppleScript.

Please contact me for my rates card & package deals for Digi Services

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