Digi Services

I have been working as a Digi Tech for several years on both stills & motion shoots

I offer a range of packages for Stills Unit Digi services which include equipment for both studio & location shoots. These packages are lightweight and mobile for days filled with location changes. Flight ready packages also available. :)

Clients include:


Adrian Lander, Jez Smith, Johnny Tsiavis, Milos Mlynarik, Janyon Boshoff, Steve Baccon, Chris Ireland, Danny Eastwood, Juliet Taylor, Toby Dixon, Ben Baker, Chris Ferguson, Felix Forest, Prue Rosco, Tony Berlangeri, Karima Asaad & more


Clockwork Films, Rabbit, Heckler, Scoundrel, FLINT, Louis&Co, POOL Collective, Eight, Paper Moose, Jack Nimble & more

Software I use:

CaptureOne, CCC, Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, Davinic Resolve, Davinci Resolve Fusion, ShotputPro, Hedge.

Software I am currently learning:

Scratch Assimilate, LiveGrade, Live Assist.

experienced with Hypervisors, VPN, private Wifi networks, Bonded cellular modems, NAS, RAID

Basic knowledge of Unix Bash, Python & AppleScript.

Using Format