So here's the gist. I make art and you may like it or you may hate it. I only care if you want to use it. 

So i'm making this page as simple to understand as possible. I want to allow people (especially those who come from disadvantaged socio-economic status) to enjoy my work and share it amongst friends, family and for students (without trust funds) to be able to use my work in their projects and classroom discussions if it is of interest and benefit to them. 

I have tried to find the most appropriate Creative Commons Licence to cover my personal wishes. But these notes should be considered my true wishes and intent. If you are a student or educator at a private educational institution and my work will benefit you then do the right thing and contact me to buy a licence. it'll be cheap but fair.

If you are a student or teacher AT A PUBLICLY OWNED EDUCATION INSTITUTION THAT IS PRIMARILY FUNDED BY THE GOVERNMENT you are welcome to use low resolution screenshots of my art for the purposes of education only. PRIVATE EDUCATION FACILITIES MUST PURCHASE A LICENCE. YOU ARE A BUSINESS.

CHARITIES & RELIGIOUS ORGANISATIONS are welcome to make contact to request a licence. Licences will be granted on a case by case basis depending on the artists personal beliefs.

If you are a blogger, creative, instagrammer, influencer, print media or any other kind of business with the end goal of MAKING MONEY, do the right thing and buy a licence.


I make use of a very effective online webcrawler service to monitor unauthorised use of my images. If you steal my images you will get caught and i will prosecute. 

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